Hail damage repair or small dents without painting

hail damage repair lakewood co

Hail damage or small dents of various kinds, such as door knocks, for example, are usually repaired by subjecting the car to sheet metal beating, grouting, painting… even, in the worst case scenario, the most affected parts have to be replaced. such as roofs, bonnets, doors…

At our body shop, however, it is possible to restore the vehicle without affecting the original paint in any way!

Thanks to specific courses and thanks to the use of an effective and innovative methodology that involves the use of particular levers and equipment, our staff is able to restore your car to its former glory without having to replace the parts or paint them .

This technique can be used on all sorts of small dents, as long as the paint hasn’t been damagedĀ hail damage repair lakewood co

The advantages of this type of repair are many:

– reduced repair costs compared to the traditional system.

– no painting therefore the original paint of the vehicle remains intact.

– speed of work, work times are much shorter and the car is returned to the customer in less time.

The largest hailstone ever found was 17.8 centimeters in diameter. Even if they don’t reach this size, hailstones can still leave deep dents on your car . Insurance losses in Switzerland total millions of dollars every year. But with the right coverage, you can save money and energy.

Dented bodywork. Chipped windshield. Hail damage is classified as damage caused by natural events and is therefore covered by partial accidental damage insurance . Compulsory motor liability insurance alone does not cover this type of damage. Without a partial accidental damage policy, such an incident can therefore cost dearly, since the repair of hail damage to the car can cost up to several thousand francs and in some cases hail even causes total damage . If you own a new or high-end vehicle, we strongly advise you to take out the partial accidental damage policy. Indeed, in this wayhail damage to the car is insured .

Report the damage to the car as soon as possible. Our partners and qualified inspectors assess the hail damage on your car and repair it reliably. If you prefer, you can claim the hail damage without repairing the car.